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Mariquita,was born thanks to my love of creating, through the art of knitting  is symbol of good luck and love. Even in the far East, consider that if you conceive and leave then free, will fly to the true love of the person concerned, carrying his message. The continuous thinking and inexhaustible, for the creation of unique knitted inspirational in terms of colors, texture and design, motivated me to create a separate, yet warm space (atelier) that hosts the most unique quality and knitted garments and accessories in the market.

Mariquita’s philosophy is to design for you simple and comfortable forms that always distinguish subtle details ensuring a timeless character. Orientation to quality of materials and the rare origin and their processing is what differentiates us and distinguishes us.

Moreover, each our creation, implemented and refined after many tests and combinations of colors and materials to reach its final form. This whole process takes considerable time and commitment, so that the result is flawless and respectable. Mariquita Elegant Yarns expects to offer, in every woman who wants to stand out and gives value to the garment that embraces, a creature that will keep it forever.